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Kindling 2019 Program
Thank you for a fantastic Showcase 2019! Information about Kindling at Showcase 2020 will be announced in Fall 2019.
Kindling 2019: IMPACT
2019 marks the seventh season of Kindling at IPAY Showcase. Launched at Showcase 2013 in Philadelphia with a focus on Creative Catalysts, Kindling celebrates and explores individuals and organizations who are pushing the boundaries of performing arts for young audiences. Kindling continues to be a platform for open discussion and dialogue—a place to spark, question, and share ideas and dreams for the development of our entire sector.

This year we turn our focus to IMPACT. We all strive to create impact in the experiences we produce or present. Exactly what kind of impact are we are looking for, and how will we know when it happens? As connection points within a larger creative ecosystem, how do we work together to realize our full potential for making meaningful, lasting impact?

Wednesday, January 16

1:40 – 2:10pm
(during Membership Lunch)
Kindling Keynote: Planning for Impact in Artistic Contexts UArts – Levitt Auditorium

Kindling Keynote: Planning for Impact in Artistic Contexts

Yvette Hardie (South Africa) – President, ASSITEJ International/Director, ASSITEJ South Africa

Bertrand Russell said "real life is a perpetual compromise between the ideal and the possible…” This is also true of artistic projects. How does one design impact into a project plan and then ensure that the impact is delivered and measured? Yvette Hardie will draw on experiences of hosting the first ASSITEJ World Congress in Africa, as well as other ASSITEJ and theatre-related projects, to share key strategies, opportunities, and pitfalls.

Thursday, January 17

4:00 – 4:30pm Kindling Keynote: Capturing Impact DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – Ormandy East
4:30 – 5:00pm Kindling Keynote: Wow! Whoops! Whee! Me?: Impact in Contemporary Circus DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – Ormandy East

Kindling Keynote: Capturing Impact

Lindsey Buller Maliekel (USA) – Director of Education/Public Engagement, The New Victory Theater

Based on Intrinsic Impact research pioneered at WolfBrown (2012), The New Victory Theater, their teaching artists, and the WolfBrown researchers collaborated to develop a comprehensive approach that tracks young people’s immediate experience of the performances and the potential impact of theatrical experiences on their socio-emotional growth. This is a deliberate departure from past research, which often links theater learning to attendance, literacy, or rising test scores. The study also created theatrically-inspired approaches to collecting data, in addition to using basic research tools (1,500 measurement booklets and 5,000 post-show surveys). In this session, find out how complex, rich, and diverse performances change the way young audiences feel, relate, and create, and how your productions are probably doing it, too!

Kindling Keynote: Wow! Whoops! Whee! Me?: Impact in Contemporary Circus

Ruth Juliet Wikler (Canada) – Artistic Programming & Partnership Development, TOHU/Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival

Circus, of all the performing arts, is the gold standard when it comes to audience engagement. From medieval street performances to PT Barnum’s sideshows, from menageries to one- and three-ring touring circuses of yore, circus has broken through the fourth wall to amaze, thrill, worry, delight, and captivate audiences of all ages. Learn how the artists, producers, and presenters working at the forefront of the dynamic and emergent art form of contemporary circus (and allied disciplines like outdoor arts) are continuing to harness circus’ unique capacity for audience impact, through performance works, community engagement, creative placemaking projects, and social circus, which empowers young people with agency, skills mastery, self-expression, and physical strength.

Friday, January 18

4:15 – 6:00pm How to Create a KulturCrew/Cultural Crew in the School DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – Concerto A
4:15 – 6:00pm Unpacking “The ‘Black Card’ Project” DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – Orchestra
4:15 – 6:00pm KINDLING Kitchen Tables: On IMPACT DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel –Ormandy East & West

How to Create a KulturCrew/Cultural Crew in the School

Pernille Welent Sørensen (Denmark) – Culture packages, Network & Audience Development, TeaterCentrum

Since 2009 we have had crews of students working with implementing cultural activities in schools. These activities are now taking place in more than 100 schools in Denmark. Based on the experience from the Danish model of “KulturCrew” we will talk about what it takes to make a cultural crew in the US.

We will go through the principles of the crew and the different stages of creating a new crew: What kinds of resources are necessary? What is needed from the teachers? How do we select the students for the program? How is the crew trained? What are the activities of the crew?

In this workshop we will work with some of the methods from the “KulturCrew Education”. It is our plan, in cooperation with IPAY, to create cultural crews in Philadelphia that will be a part of IPAY Showcase in the future.

Unpacking “The ‘Black Card’ Project”

Dominic Moore-Dunson (USA) – Inlet Dance Theatre

Using his dance theatre production, “The ‘Black Card’ Project,” which explores the African American ideal of the “black card” and the narrow definition of blackness, Inlet Dance Theatre’s Dominic Moore-Dunson (2016 Porter Fellow) will lead a Kindling workshop focusing on using the collaborative creative process to create conversation with minority middle school and high school students about cultural identity as it relates to their future economic capacities.

The workshop uses dance performance, structured improvisation, and feedback as tools to explore the physical meaning of community, leadership, expectations, and the realities of a being a minority in America.

KINDLING Kitchen Tables: On IMPACT

IPAY’s Kindling Kitchen Table sessions are part Long Table (developed by Louis Weaver, USA) and partly informed by Open Space thinking. They are an opportunity to engage in open dialogue and hear a range of different perspectives. At least three Kitchen Tables will run concurrently, with different facilitators at each Table. Feel free to move between the tables and find the conversation that most engages you. Have a seat at the table when you have something you’d like to share.

The tables will start with a focus on Impact. How do you use your own power and privilege to provide impactful opportunities? How do you collaborate within your community to maximize potential impact? How can IPAY more effectively impact artistic or market development outside of Showcase? What are your impact questions and what impact stories do you have to share?

Kitchen Table facilitators include:

Wendy Bable (USA) – IPAY Board President
Jennifer Hartmann Luck (USA) – Education & Outreach Director, Paramount Theatre
Mélissa Smith and Danica Rosengren (USA) – 2018 and 2019 Colleen Porter Resident Artists
Mike Payette (Canada) – Artistic Director, Geordie Theatre
2019 Jim Rye Fellows

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