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Kindling 2016
Showcase 2016 was presented in Montreal, with generous support from our partner, CINARS. 

Kindling 2016

Same, Same, but Different.

This is a discussion on the DIVERSITY and QUALITY.

Does diversity discusses the differences that there are between people? Does quality mean what a "good" show and, if applicable, as do we assess it? What connection is there between these two terms or ideas? How your personal reality artist or programmer (who you are, where you are, who you work for, what is your target audience, what is the reason you are doing this, etc.) influences-t her or she affects the definition of the variety and / or quality? What our community he has to say about the diversity, inclusion and equity? Why is it the essential diversity in the development of arts for young audiences stage?

 How to make DIVERSITY the SOLUTION, not the question?




Thursday, January 28

Introduction of the Same but different

Co-chair of Kindling: Boomer Stacey, Executive Director / IPAY and Shelley Quiala, Vice-President / Arts Education and Community Engagement, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts.

2:45 PM --3: 00PM - Soprano A and B


A creative advocacy for diversity - PLENARY SESSION

Moderator: Nike Jonah, Director / Connecting Dots

3:00 PM - 4:15 PM - Soprano A and B

Designed as part of the strategic project "Achieving Great Art for Everyone" of the Arts Council of England (ACE) in 2010, the creative advocacy is a place of discussion about diversity and artistic quality production.

This session will set the tone for Kindling discussions taking place throughout the week and will offer a forum for artists, producers and programmers who want to explore their own reports to the diversity and artistic quality. Participants will have the chance to develop their understanding and ability to integrate diversity and equity in the arts economy.

Friday, January 29

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM  

Hyatt Hotel - Rooms Soprano

An alternative approach to "quality of debate" - Introduction to the dialogue of assessment - presentation with question period

Moderator: Henrik Kohler, Director / Teatercentrum, Denmark

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM - A Soprano

Henrik is back at Kohler IPAY Showcase to present the Danish model of dialogue of appreciation, an approach based on the model "IAN". The model "IAN" examines the interaction between intention, ability and necessity, which are the three key criteria for assessing artistic quality. The flexibility of this model can be applied to works in particular or the general operation of cultural institutions. This model can also serve as a personal evaluation framework in a process of creation or dissemination of a work.


Sharing perspectives, best practices and resources - KITCHEN TABLE

Facilitators: Erwin Maas with the winners of the Jim Rye scholarship

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM - Soprano B

For most people in the community, diversity and inclusion are not new concepts. Still, many people are positioning themselves differently in different discussions. This session "Kitchen Table" begins with the testimony of Rye stock that will tell us what they think promising avenues for diversity and inclusion, and how educational institutions are positioning them vis-à-vis diversity , equity and inclusion in the training of young professionals.

We encourage participants to share their successes, as part of their personal practice and ask questions.


Discuss and apply creative advocacy - KITCHEN TABLE

Facilitators: Rosy Simas, choreographer / artist / facilitator and Nike Jonah

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM - Soprano C

How do we define diversity, inclusion and equity in our midst? How can we draw attention to the nuances within particular communities, that diversity does not become a well capitalized, but rather a thoughtful way to work? How individuals can they models have a positive impact within an organization? How to define quality and relevance, in terms of policy, funding and geographic location?


Saturday, January 30

Critical reception in dialogue - Djuki Mala (Dancers Chookey)

Moderator: Shelley Quiala, Vice President / Arts Education and Community Engagement, Ordway Center of Performing Arts and member of the company Djuki Mala.

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM - A Soprano

The Critical Response Process (CRP) is a dynamic assessment process created by Liz Lerman and John Borstel company Dance Exchange (United States). Originally created to facilitate the achievement of a work in progress, this method allows respondents to pay special attention to a work, a performance or a text. Accompanied by a facilitator agent, a group answers to five questions creating an environment in which the judgment is set aside in favor of a development of personal responses to a given work.

Join Shelley Quiala, a certified facilitator (CRP), to explore the performance of the company Djuki Mala (Dancers Chookey) presented in Showcase.


Future Play - presentation with question period

Presented by David Harradine, Artistic Director / Fevered Sleep (UK).

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM - Soprano B

David Harradine shared the findings that were made during the Play Future research project that explores, over a period of four years in the UK, the context of creation and dissemination young audiences designed to encourage people to rethink their relationships with others and the world.

Under the project, the theater company Fevered Sleep filmed three shows in collaboration with ten theaters, and collected feedback from more than 8,000 spectators in the UK to explore the impact that can have on a context performances on tour in different communities and interaction between artist, broadcaster and public.


Workshop views * - physical theater exercise to develop attention, presence and self-understanding

Moderator: Erwin Maas

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM - Soprano C

"Every culture is born of hybridity, interaction and confrontation. An isolated civilization, in contrast, tends to die. The experience of the other is the secret of change "(Octavio Paz).

Through a series of physical exercises and improvisations, the "Views" allow to recognize and connect with the body, voice, space and time, to develop a better transmission of stories, feelings, images, music, etc. Learn how this vocabulary and these simple methods can be applied to all the different forms of art. They allow to have a strong presence and the presence as well as part of the arts and outdoors. These drama exercises and improvisation will explore the physical consciousness and the group will provide a basic dynamic that can work with people from different formations and with different artistic practices.

* This event can accommodate a limited number of participants. Participants should wear comfortable clothing so you can move easily.


Facilitator: MK Barley Jenkins, Executive Director / Adventure Course Chicago

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Inspiration Room 

IPAY will continue to facilitate discussions, beyond IPAY Showcase, and continue the development and support of the environment. IPAY is aware of the need to offer more vocational training opportunities in addition to the existing structure Kindling. This is an opportunity to show your appreciation IPAY Showcase, but also to share your needs as a professional and participate in the development and growth of IPAY.



All materials provided by the Kindling 2016 Facilitators can also be downloaded below.

2016 Kindling Resources

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Supplemental Materials Provided by 2016 Kindling Guest Artists and Facilitators
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Long Table Etiquette PDF (69.58 KB) Administration 3/29/2016
Critical Response Process Handout PDF (63.82 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Djuki Mala Critical Response Session Notes PDF (110.12 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Creative Case for Diversity: Handout & Resources PDF (111.94 KB) Administration 3/29/2016
Nike Jonah's Presentation on The Creative Case PPTX (113.68 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Hassan Mahamdallie on New Approaches to Diversity PDF (842.47 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Diversity and Adaptive Resilience PDF (317 KB) Administration 3/29/2016
PAIPAM: Pan-African Interdisciplinary Market PPTX (0 bytes) Administration 3/27/2016
Henrik Kohler's IAN Model Presentation PDF (4.66 MB) Administration 3/30/2016
Kindling Program Description 2016 PDF (152.16 KB) Administration 12/22/2015

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