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Homecoming Campaign
IPAY Homecoming Campaign

Polyglot Theatre's Paper Planet, Australia | Showcase Artist 2013 in Philadelphia, PA

Why Are We Homecoming
Because we know it is essential for young people to experience the very best in live performing arts on a consistent and ongoing basis. With a little extra support this year, we can continue to meet your needs as you ensure that these opportunities are created, nurtured, shared, marketed, and toured.

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About the Campaign / How You Can Help!
Nearly forty years ago, our colleagues recognized a need to elevate the field of performing arts for young audiences and the first International Showcase was presented in Chicago in 1979. Twenty years later, our fellow presenters, producers, and artists gathered to create International Performing Arts for Youth—IPAY as we know it—to ensure that performing arts for young audiences would thrive in North America.

This year is a special year for IPAY as we celebrate 40 years of presenting our International Showcase. At Showcase 2018, we celebrate the theme of “Home” as we return to Philadelphia to anchor our operations here.

Calling Philadelphia home is among the changes you will see in the next year at IPAY. After a year of structured feedback from our members, the staff and board of IPAY have implemented many recommendations, including allowing for a wider variety of performances to be seen at Showcase, to elevate the presences of Spotlight Showcases, to increase membership benefits with more partnerships and programs, including IPAY’s new Affinity Groups kicking off at Showcase 2018.

Today, we are at a crossroads at IPAY. In an ever-evolving world of priorities, we are looking for your help to support the operations of the organization so that we may continue to advance the mission of IPAY and sustain the level of service for the global sector of professional performing arts for young people. It is up to those of us in the field to secure the future of IPAY.

We now ask that you, as investors in performing arts for young audiences, help us in raising the financial goal of $22,000 for our FY2018. We know that all of us are already generous in our everyday contribution, and we are asking you to do what you can for IPAY. One the best ways to support IPAY is by becoming a member. Annual membership fees go a long way in supporting the annual organizational operations of IPAY. If you are already a dedicated member, we ask that you invite other colleagues in the field to join us as members of IPAY. By introducing new members, not only do we deepen the vision of our community, but their membership contribution goes directly towards supporting the operations of IPAY.

Additionally, we ask that you consider one of our other opportunities for support:

We look forward to seeing you all at Showcase 2018 and to the continued growth and development of the organization and our sector at large!

Contact IPAY

International Performing Arts for Youth
C/O CultureWorks | The Philadelphia Building
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320
Philadelphia, PA 19107
267.690.1325 phone | 267.519.3343 fax | Contact Us

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