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Cheryle Hansen
Mickey Miners Award Winner:
Cheryle Hansen
Speech given at IPAY Showcase 2016

This is quite an honor to receive the Mickey Miners award. This is my 23rdshowcase/IPAY. My first Showcase was in 1993 in Windsor, ON were I had thewonderful privlage to meet Mickey and his bestie Bucky.

It certainly has been a changing world in the genre of Theatre for Young Audiences –from 1983 when Mermaid Theatre did their first showcase in Syracuse, NY to 1993 when the first Scottish company Visible Fictions showcased Bill’s New Frock in Windsor.

It was my pleasure to have been involved in turning showcase into IPAY in 1999 and be a founding board member. I can’t believe how far the organization has come and the amount of work that they have done on supporting Artists and emerging Artists.

So with that said I would not be standing here today without the Artists. So if you bare with me I need to thank those that I have had the honor of working with and helping them along the way to grow their careers and allowing them to bring so many smiles to so many young audiences.

Annie Wood Productions
The Arrogant Worms
Axis Theatre
Blue Grassy Knoll
Black Violen
Big Wooden Horse
Cirque Eloize
Catherine Wheels
Dare Devil Opera Co.
Det Lille Theatre
David Gonzales
Do Jump
Drums United
Green Thumb
Jest in Time
Jim Jackson
Kaliedoscope Theatre
Kami Kazi Fireflies
Kennedy Center
Les Parfait
Lightwire Theatre
Manitoba Theatre
Mermaid Theatre
MOtus O
Omaha Theatre
Paul Zaloom
Playground Studios
Theatre Beyond Words
The Road Company
Theatre Terra
isible Fictions
Leland Gant
Dujki Mala
Isabelle Payant

If I have forgotten anyone and you are here I will buy you a drink.

Also I would like to thank the people along the way to the success of Kids Ent. First off Lynda Clark who founded the company in 1992. Staff that have moved on toother journeys. Heather Spicuzza, Krystyna Cappelo, Michelle Hansen, Alex Ferguson, Natalie Ackers, Nicole Rochefort, Avril Helbig. And too my wonderful current staff Tara Bailey and our newest member Kevin Oullette. Kevin will be joining us this afternoon so please give him a big IPAY warm welcome.

Last but not least a huge thank you to my husband Rod and two kids Cole and Lexington for allowing me to travel the world attending festivals and meeting new artists, presenters and producers. I missed out on birthdays, chicken poxs, first teeth etc. Rod was a rock and I would not be here without them. I love you guys. One last shout out to my bestie Colleen Porter who was my support, mentor and great friend I miss you to death.

Once again thank you so much. Have a great IPAY.

And for our American Friends who do not know how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit you double it and add 32.

Thank You

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