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Black Hole Theatre

Title of Performance: Les Méduses
Country: Australia

Age Range: All ages
Audience size: 200–2,000
Running time: 3x30-minute performances, with a half-hour rest in between. Negotiable.

A timely reflection on the irrefutable beauty and power of nature, Les Méduses are poetic, comic, awe-inspiring and sublime. Luminescent jellyfish frolic and float overhead, swooping to play with the audience and the environment, brushing shoulders with soft tentacles, and enveloping all in a mysterious aquatic soundscape. Crystalline white during the day, they glow at night in an ever changing sequence of bright acid colours. Wholly improvised, apart from occasional quirky choreographed sequences, they perform without dialogue, delighting all ages and cultures.

Les Méduses can be adapted to suit the occasion and the site, indoors or out.

Contact: Nancy Black, Artistic Director

Phone: 61 419303523

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