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IPAY Affinity Groups
IPAY Affinity Groups

Expanding the interactivity of membership beyond the annual showcase has long been a desire of IPAY. Members have consistently mentioned that one of the greatest values of IPAY is networking. As conversations often tend toward discussions with other members in similar roles facing the some of the same challenges within organizations, communities, and the field, affinity groups have been created around these topics. The following Affinity Group categories have been created as a platform to support those organic discussions and allow them to deepen:
  • Creator/Producer
  • Presenter
  • Agent/Manager
  • Education
  • Specific Needs Audiences (Sensory Friendly, Relaxed, etc.)
  • Early Childhood Programming and Audiences
Members are encouraged to consider all six groups or choose the one that most represents your area of work, specialisation and interest. Through online meetings as well as annual face to face meeting at Showcase IPAY Members will be able to meet regularly to discuss trends, challenges and inspirations that impact their daily life and work as practitioners committed to bringing the best live performance to young audiences around the world.

You are encouraged to indicate the Affinity Group (or groups!) of your choice on your membership profile. Additionally, please sign up for one or two Affinity group lunch meetings to be scheduled during Showcase 2018. You will be given this option during the registration process. Affinity Groups will be directed by the needs and desires of membership around the specific topic. IPAY will facilitate the scheduling of these conversations and provide access to Zoom technology throughout the year. Groups will set and deliver their own agendas. Each Affinity Group will contain at least one IPAY Board Member. This direct link and exchange between the members and the IPAY board will assist the organisation in it’s efforts to improve service delivery, stay up on rising trends and issues of the membership and the international TYA community.
In addition to the Zoom meetings throughout the year, the groups will have time designated in the Showcase Schedule at least one face to face meeting.



Creator/Producer’s Affinity Group provides a place where artists and companies can share and discuss creative processes, touring and market development knowledge and strategies, trends, successes, challenges, tragedies and camaraderie. How do we decide what to build new work around – what we know will sell or what is burning in our hearts to make. Can the two be combined? How can we help presenters become braver in their programming choices? What are we doing about diversity onstage and in our creative teams? How do we get international presenters to book my work? Do we need an agent? A meeting place for artists and companies to share their knowledge, ask questions and find answers.


Presenter's Affinity Group provides a place where presenters can share and discuss the challenges and successes of their on-going operations. How do you deal with the paper work for International performers? Do all my artists need Liability Insurance and what if they don’t? How can we make it easier to find partner presenters to do block booking? How do we improve the public perception of TYA with our funders and audiences? When negotiating Riders and Contracts, who responds from my organization? This group is the opportunity to explore best practices and meet other individuals who are addressing the same challenges on a daily basis in the work of presenting works for young audiences.


Agent/Manager Affinity Group provides a place discuss the challenges of marketing artists and programs. What are the tips and tricks that make block booking work? Who can I turn to when planning international tours or are bringing a group into my country? When do I push to put a small show in large space or vice versa? What are the issues when booking into a union house? How do I deal best with international communications? This groups is to address the challenges Agents and Managers face and is an opportunity to discuss best practices with people who also deal with the daily issues of moving all forms of programming around the work, especially for young audiences.


The Educator’s Affinity Group is an ongoing forum that provides a place where education leaders in the field can discuss their current needs and share or create potential solutions to challenges we all are facing. IPAY has a long history of supporting the work of education in the field of performing arts for young audiences, and over the years, IPAY education leaders have helped define and shape the direction for arts education. Do we need to create educational support materials? What educational standards should we be pushing? Where does art and education meet? What is appropriate for the ages of students we serve? Ensuring our relevance and currency, this group will continue to define arts education in context and examine how we can best serve the field and our youth.

Specific Needs Audiences

IPAY is always looking at the needs of our member and it is clear there are audiences with specific needs. The aim is to develop new and different audiences for the arts, and to involve those who are creating, producing, and presenting programming which addresses arts, disability and human rights on the world stage. Who is doing this work in my area? How does my organization reach these individuals? Can adapt existing work or do I need to bring whole new works? What is the difference between “Sensory Friendly” and “relaxed” performances? What things should my venue have which go beyond the standard ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act)? Do I need to have specific performances for these audiences? What do relaxed performances mean for staff, performers and patrons? Keeping on the edge of meeting the needs of diverse populations allows us to share the performing arts with new populations.

Early Childhood Programming and Audiences

Early Childhood Programming and Audiences focuses on the multiple challenges of creating and/or performing for children form ages 0 to 3 years of age. This is a newer form of programming and the challenges of audiences at these ages do not always follow traditional forms. How many children can participate in individual performance? What are the responsibilities of the children’s caregivers/adult participant? Where is the population I am trying to reach? What is the creative process for to create works like this? How do manage the economics of these shows? This group will explore the growth and realities of creating, producing, representing and presenting programming for the very young.

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