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Showcase 2018
What is Showcase?
I thought events offered at the IPAY SHOWCASE were exceptional and so professionally executed. Some actually took my breath away. These offerings can be appreciated and enjoyed by all ages. These performances are intelligent, innovative, thought-provoking, and electrifying. I can't wait until our students and community experience these venues; I can't wait to see their responses. Bravo IPAY!!!!!!

—Paula Biancosino, Board Member, Bucks County Performing Arts Center

What is IPAY Showcase? Take a closer look below!

Video edited by Ben Grinberg, Philadelphia
Showcase is for presenters to see juried Showcase performances by outstanding international performing artists. A wide variety of performances are selected to highlight the many possibilities for young audiences.

Showcase is for artists to perform, exhibit, and develop their work for an audience of presenters who book shows specifically for young people and their families.

Showcase is for agents and managers who represent companies and artists that perform work for young people. Each day, Showcase features a dedicated resource room time that serves as a marketplace to discuss and book the work,

Showcase is for students to network with the premier professionals in the performing arts for youth field and to learn about important issues and initiatives in our professional development learning communities.

Maison-Théâtre, Montréal, Canada, Showcase 2016 (image courtesy of Adrian Jevicki)
Going to [Showcase] each year has been an eye-opening experience. We have been able to network with other organizations and artists, whom we otherwise would not have known about. We are located in a very rural area and usually have to wait for other larger organizations to book events before we can figure out our season... Our programming opportunities have expanded due to the contacts we have made. We are appreciative of all the new artists we have come in contact with and have been fortunate to book.

—Kim Andresen Patnode, Program & Marketing Director, Lake Placid Center for the Arts

We hope you will join us January 24–27 for Showcase 2018 in Philadelphia, PA!

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