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HOME is a year-long programmatic exploration from January 2018 to May 2019, aligning with IPAY’s organizational shift anchoring operations and programming in Philadelphia. 

Kindling HOME explores the questions and ideas; How are the performing arts for young audiences exploring ideas related to HOME?; how are artists exploring global realities of forced migration, homelessness, immigration and “newcomers” and how does this relate to young people’s experiences in schools and their communities?;  How do we honour the original caretakers of the land and what is our relationship with Indigenous peoples; Who have we displaced in our communities?; How do we welcome “newcomers”?; How is identity connected to one’s concept of home?; How does the idea of what home is differ around North America and around the world?

IPAY Kindling provides opportunity for dialogue sparked by guest thought leaders; connections to showcasing performing arts; critical response; kitchen table open dialogue; facilitated presentation and informal discussions. A year-long global project exploring HOME in members' communities will be launched in June 2018.



  • Kindling is a developmental learning platform for the community of individuals and organizations dedicated to producing, presenting and promoting professional performing arts for young audiences. Kindling is a celebration, exploration and illumination of individuals and creative organizations pushing the boundaries of performing arts for young audiences. It is a platform for discussion that aspires to spark, question, celebrate and exchange ideas, opportunities and dreams that promote the growth, development and possibilities for our entire sector.
  • Kindling is based upon sharing ideas, being open to different perspectives and to equality of voice. Kindling brings diverse perspectives from artists, presenters, managers, producers, students and others together towards new learning and in support of new networking, touring initiatives and audience development. We seek to expand our current knowledge and understanding; celebrate best practice; and identify tools, strategies and hands-on resources that, whether an artist, presenter, manager, producer, we can take back to our personal work environments.


IPAY KINDLING Programmatic Framework is born of the IPAY Mission and Vision;

THE IPAY MISSION is to create professional and educational opportunities for key stakeholders in North America (artists, agents and presenters) to engage around support of meaningful performing arts experiences for young audiences. 

IPAY's VISION is a world in which artistic excellence and innovation in performing arts for young audiences are nurtured, supported and expanded. The overarching intent is to provide an opportunity for the IPAY membership and community to intersect with big ideas, ongoing dialogue and artistic exploration not currently being investigated on a national platform in North America.


Networking / IPAY as a hub / New connections and deepening of relationships

Development of the Field & New Perspectives 

Curatorial & Aesthetic Education / Curatorial & Artistic Development

Developing leaders in our field

Support for the Business of the Field

More touring / More children [audiences] seeing more work / diversity of work


Kindling’s intent is to inspire, initiate, support and develop:

·      artistic excellence and innovation in the creation, presentation and engagement of professional performing arts for young audiences;

·      the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic growth and development of our audiences (community audience members as well as IPAY membership and the professional sector at large);

·      the relationships that exist between segments of our eco-system to the betterment of our collective missions and the engagement of our collective audiences;

·      connections between the North American community with the professional global community to realize opportunities in learning, exchange, participation, collaboration, mentorship and partnership.


We will achieve this by;

·      sharing and celebrating global best practice and innovation;

·      providing opportunities for all members of our creative eco-system to connect or intersect to share perspectives on barriers, challenges and opportunities;

·      developing a diverse program platform that provides opportunity to engage in an open dialogue informed by diverse perspectives;

·      providing a variety of opportunities for members to contribute that feels safe, open, inclusive and accessible;

·      providing specific tools and resources for our members to use that will contribute to the success in how they realize their goals and objectives;

·      continuing to explore new or different ways in which we can intersect with our membership and the greater professional community at large;

·      providing support and access to broad as well as specific networks for specific growth and development relevant to IPAY’s mission and to the needs of our membership



Kindling 2017


“I loved that production but I CAN’T program it at my theater!”

“I’m so inspired by that work but I CAN’T create anything like that in my company!”


At Showcase 2017, Kindling programmatic theme was Unpacking CAN’T.

Moving from the impossible to the potential. Addressing challenges and overcoming barriers.


“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small [people] who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it.

Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion.

Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare.

Impossible is potential.

Impossible is temporary.

Impossible is nothing.” – Muhammad Ali


In producing and programming work for young audiences, we are all confronted with practical realities—audiences, budgets, expectations, facilities, etc.—that impact our decisions and perhaps deter us from taking our work to the next level. Kindling 2017 invites delegates and community members to share their challenges and obstacles, with the goal of finding and embracing solutions for changing IMPOSSIBLE to POTENTIAL. Thought leaders from our field will share their perspectives, experiences, and resources, while Showcasing and Spotlighting performances will be brought into the conversation as an additional spark for ideas and inspiration.


Kindling 2017 explored current conversations about creating and presenting performing arts from these perspectives:

· Performing Arts For the Very Young

· Autism-Friendly /Relaxed Performances

· Racial and Cultural Diversity

· Exploring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

· Considering Cultural Contexts in the Creative Process/Creative Collaboration



All materials provided by the Kindling 2017 Facilitators can also be downloaded below.

2017 Kindling Resources

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Supplemental Materials Provided by 2017 Kindling Guest Artists and Facilitators
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Kindling 2017 Program PDF (134.47 KB) Administration 10/26/2017
Kitchen Table Etiquette Handout PDF (69.58 KB) Administration 3/16/2017
Critical Response Handout PDF (63.82 KB) Administration 3/16/2017
Red Bridge Arts' Standing at the Edge Presentation PDF (3.51 MB) Administration 3/16/2017
Jonathan Shmidt Chapman Full Spectrum Presentation PDF (6.36 MB) Administration 3/16/2017
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