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Kindling 2018

Kindling HOME



HOME is programmatic exploration from January 2018 to May 2019, aligning with IPAY’s organizational shift anchoring operations and programming in Philadelphia.

Kindling HOME explores the questions and ideas:


·       How are the performing arts for young audiences exploring ideas related to HOME?

·       How are artists exploring global realities of forced migration, homelessness, immigration and “newcomers?”

·       How does this relate to young people’s experiences in schools and their communities?

·        How do we honour the original caretakers of the land and what is our relationship with Indigenous people?

·       Who have we displaced in our communities? How do we welcome “newcomers”?

·       How is identity connected to one’s concept of home?

·       How does the idea of what home is differ around North America and around the world?

IPAY Kindling provides opportunity for dialogue sparked by guest thought leaders exploring connections to showcasing performing arts through critical response, kitchen table open dialogue facilitated presentations and informal discussions. An extended KINDLING global project exploring HOME in members' communities will be launched in June 2018.

What is IPAY Kindling? Discover here.



*all sessions and speakers subject to change


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - Welcome, Keynote, Kindling Viewpoints, 1:45pm-3:00pm

1:45 – 1:55 PM

Welcome HOME. Introduction to KINDLING 2018.
Boomer Stacey, IPAY Executive Director (Canada)

UArts – Solmsson Hall

1:55 – 2:25 PM

Are We There Yet? On the meaning of HOME.
Keynote – Dalija Acin Thelander, Artist (Sweden)

UArts – Solmsson Hall

2:25 – 3:00 PM

KINDLING Viewpoints
Facilitated by Boomer Stacey (Canada)
Guest Thought Leaders: Mohamed Elghway (Egypt); Gintarė Masteikaitė (Lithuania); Kali Di Pippo (US); Erik Kaiel (Nederlands); Seth Soloway (US); Rachel Briley (US)


UArts – Solmsson Hall



Are We There Yet? On the meaning of HOME.
Dalija is a choreographer creating purpose-built environments and landscapes for babies to experience performing arts. Her keywords for creation are intersensorial - experiencing through intersection of all your sense - and agency - the capacity to at within an environment. Dalija will share insight on her practice and how that informs her perspective on HOME; what does HOME mean to her and why is it important for artists and presenters to explore this concept in creating and presenting work for young audiences today.

KINDLING Viewpoints
Guest Thought Leaders share a brief overview on HOME specific to KINDLING sessions they will be facilitating throughout the week. These short insights will be further explored within each session to act as a spark for deeper discussion and dialogue during Kindling Kitchen Tables and Viewpoint presentations during Showcase 2018.

Thursday, January 25, 2018 – Breakout Sessions, 5pm-6:30pm

5 – 6:30pm

KINDLING Kitchen Table Session –HOME is where…

Facilitated by Mohamed Elghawy, Hakwawy Festival (Egypt); with Fernanda Carrasco Blancaire, Teatro de Occasion (Chile); Sabrina Mandell, Happenstance Theater (US)

DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD

5 – 6:30pm

KINDLING Kitchen Table Session –Journeys and Movement

Facilitated by Gintare Masteikaite, Dansema (Lithuania); with Alvaro Morales Lifschitz, La Llave Maestra (Chile); Sabrina Mandell, Happenstance Theater (USA)

DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD

5 – 6:30pm

KINDLING Viewpoint –HOMEgrown

Facilitated by Seth Soloway, Performing Arts Center at Purchase Colleeage (USA); with David Gonzalez, Artist (USA); Victoria Row-Traster, Miami Theater Center (USA); Lauren Jost, Spellbound Theater (USA)


DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD


KINDLING Kitchen Table Session – HOME is where…

                  As an arts professional supporting art for young audiences, what does HOME mean to you? If art is a reflection or perspective on the world around us, how are we tackling perceptions, challenges and ideas specific to the lens that young people are experiencing today’s realities? What is our role and responsibility to respond to and provide a connection for discussion related to realties in the communities and countries in which we do our work?


HOME (Merriam Webster on-line)

1a :one's place of residence :domicile 

·       has been away from home for two weeks

·       a place to call home

2 :the social unit formed by a family living together 

·       trying to make a good home for her children

·        comes from a broken home

3a :a familiar or usual setting :congenial environment; also :the focus of one's domestic attention 

·       home is where the heart is

4a :a place of origin 

·       salmon returning to their home to spawn; also :one's own country 

·       having troubles at home and abroad

b :headquarters 2 

·       home of the dance company

5:an establishment providing residence and care for people with special needs 

·       homes for the elderly

6:the objective in various games; especially :home plate


KINDLING Kitchen Table Session – Journeys and Movement
                  Considering the experiences of people that have left their chosen home via forced or voluntary migration to be relocated, displaced, exiled, interned in a new land. This Kitchen Table explores the perspectives on artists and presenters sharing the stories and experiences of these journeys and movements through performing arts for young people. All guests at the table are encouraged to share stories from work within their own communities as well as to share potential challenges to be overcome in telling these stories.


KINDLING Viewpoint – HOMEgrown

                  How can the performing arts center community can support the creation of new American work for young audiences through creative approaches to commissioning?  The US has a deep talent pool of devisors, writers, and creatives; has excellent training programs; and professional associations that facilitates interaction between the creative eco-system. Working within the realities of contexts of creation in the US, how can we all better support the development of new work that is able to tour?

Our guest thought leaders will share from their own working projects as a means to spark conversation and action towards encouraging support and development of new and exciting work.



Friday, January 26, 2018 – Breakout Sessions, 2:45pm-4:15pm

2:45 - 4:15pm

KINDLING Kitchen Table SessionHOME & Identity
Facilitated by the Rye Fellows and Porter Resident Artists


DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD

2:45 - 4:15pm

KINDLING Kitchen Table Session– Performance in Non-Traditional Spaces

Facilitated by Kali DiPippo, New Victory Theater (US); with Erik Kaiel, Arch8 (Nederlands); Dalija Acin Thelander, Artist (Sweden); Whit MacLaughlin, New Paradise Labs (US)

DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD

2:45 - 4:15pm

KINDLING Viewpoints– Authenticity in Sharing Stories from AWAY

Ty Dafoe, Artist (Ojibway / US); Sam Routledge, Terrapin Puppet Theatre (Tasmania)


DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD


2:45 - 4:15pm

KINDLING Viewpoints –Suitcase Stories

Rachel Briley, North Carolina Theater for Young People (US); Alvaro Morales Lifschitz, La Llave Maestra (Chile)


DoubleTree Hotel – Room TBD



KINDLING Kitchen Table Session – HOME & Identity

                  Kitchen Table sessions are an opportunity to engage in open dialogue, broaden your perspective, and to hear from different perspectives. How does one’s sense of home affect personal identity and connection to their community? Join our Rye Fellows and Porter Resident Artists as they explore Identity and how that is connected to concepts of HOME, informed by their places of learning and development as well as their generational perspective. How does one’s sense of home affect personal identity and connection to their community?


KINDLING Kitchen Table Session – Performance in Non-Traditional Spaces

                  Explore all aspects of non-traditional performance venues. This Kitchen Table explores setting or use of space as integral elements to telling our stories; immersive or experiential performance; and escaping traditional performance venues to take the art to where the audience is. An opportunity to share success stories, challenges and new opportunities to engage with young audiences. 

"Theaters, concert halls, and museums are conducive to certain kinds of exchanges between art and people. These are, and will always be, critically important spaces for public participation in the arts. But meaningful exchange occurs with greater frequency in many other settings, from old breweries to planetariums, abandoned subway platforms, barges, cinemas, and community bookstores. With the proliferation of virtual spaces for arts programs, it seems now that all the world's a stage. The new emphasis on setting is evident in the rise of site-specific festivals, growing experimentation with temporary or "pop-up" spaces, a new pattern of use of cinemas for high quality digital arts programs, and increased use of outdoor urban spaces for video presentation. It is also evident in the work of young artists who choose to curate the settings for their work as an integral part of the work itself. "

                  - Excerpt from "All The World's a Stage: Venues and Settings, and the Role they Play in Shaping Patterns of Arts Participation" by Alan Brown, principal in the arts consulting firm WolfBrown


KINDLING Viewpoints – Authenticity in Sharing Stories from AWAY

                  It is important for us to share diverse stories from many perspectives including non-Western cultural points of origin.


KINDLING Viewpoints – Suitcase Stories

                  Join Rachel Briley, Director of the MFA in Theatre for Youth at the University of North Carolina, as she shares a semester-long project addressing the themes of home and identity facilitated at the Doris Henderson Newcomers School in Greensboro, NC.  Based on the book The Suitcase Stories: Refugee Children Reclaim Their Identities by Glynis Clacherty, this session will invite participants to explore the journey of refugee youth from across the globe as they acclimate to their new lives in North America.  Theatre and visual art strategies utilized in the residency will be shared as the source material inspiring discussion and sharing of attendees' current projects and future possibilities. 



Saturday, January 27, 2018 – Breakout Sessions, 9am-10am

9 – 10am

KINDLING Artist Specific Sessions - To Be Announced Soon!

Location TBD





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