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Please find a description of the official Kindling programming from Showcase 2016 listed below.
All materials provided by the Kindling 2016 Facilitators can be found at the bottom of this page.

Information about Kindling 2017 programming will become available later this year.

Audiences attend Showcase 2016 in 
Montréal, Canada.

Kindling 2016

Starting point…

Kindling 2016

Same, Same but Different


This is a conversation about DIVERSITY and it’s a conversation about QUALITY.


Is diversity about how different we are? Is quality really about how “good” a production is and if so how do we measure that? What is the connection point between these terms or ideas? How does your individual context as artist or curator (who you are; where you are located; the place you work for; the audience you serve; the demographics of your audience; the intent of what you are doing; and so on…) influence or affect the answer of what is diverse and/or what is quality? Where is our sector at in terms of being diverse, inclusive and equitable? And why is diversity essential in considering the future of performing arts for young people?


How do we make diversity the answer and not the question?


Thursday, January 28


The Creative Case for Diversity

2:45 – 4:15pm - Hyatt Hotel – Soprano Rooms A & B


Introduction to Same, Same but Different

Kindling Co-Chairs: Boomer Stacey, IPAY Executive Director & Shelley Quiala, VP of Arts Education and Community Engagement, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts.

2:45 – 3:00pm – Soprano Rooms A & B

Join Kindling Co-Chairs to discover more behind the guiding inquiry behind Same, Same but Different, and be introduced to the Kindling guests. This intro will help navigate which session(s) may be of most interest for you later in the week.


The Creative Case for Diversity - PLENARY

Nike Jonah, Director, Connecting Dots

3:00 – 4:15pm – Soprano Rooms A & B

Created as part of the 2010 Arts Council of England’s (ACE) “Achieving Great Art for Everyone” strategic framework, The Creative Case brings together conversations on diversity and on making quality art.


This conversation will inform the kindling conversations throughout the week and will provide a platform for artists, producers and curators to explore their own context for diversity and quality art.


Participants will grow in their understanding of and ability to articulate the value of diversity and equality in the artistic economy. 



Friday, January 29

2:00 – 3:30pm

Hyatt Hotel – Soprano Rooms


A Different Approach to the “Quality Conversation” – An Intro to Appreciative Dialogue – PRESENTATION with Q&A

Henrik Kohler, Director, Teatercentrum, Denmark

2:00 – 3:30pm - Soprano Room A

Henrik Kohler returns to IPAY Showcase to present on the Danish model of appreciative dialogue based on the “IAN” model. The IAN model examines the interplay of Intent, Ability and Necessity as the key elements contributing to the conversation of what constitutes quality art.  The flexible nature of the model makes it applicable to single pieces of artwork as well as to the entire life of cultural institutions. Finally, the model may be used as a basis for self-evaluation within the creative process of producing or presenting work.


Participants will grow in their ability to apply the IAN model to their work (producing or presenting) as an evaluative tool.


Sharing Perspective, Best Practice and Industry Resources – KITCHEN TABLE

Facilitated by Erwin Maas with the Rye Fellows

2:00 – 3:30pm - Soprano Room B

For most in our sector diversity and inclusion is not a new topic or idea. But many are in different places along the spectrum of dialogue. This kitchen table starts from the perspective to be shared by our Rye Fellows; what are those entering our field as professionals seeing as the next advances in this work? Where are our educational institutions in developing emerging professionals when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion?


Participants are encouraged to share success stories from their particular context and perspective, to ask questions, and to share best practice and proven tools used in everyday practice.


The Creative Case Discussed and Applied – KITCHEN TABLE Open Forum

Facilitated by Rosy Simas, Choreographer/Artist/Facilitator with Nike Jonah

2:00 – 3:30pm - Soprano Room C

This kitchen table provides an opportunity to have a facilitated discussion on topics and ideas presented in the Creative Case to Diversity plenary session.


How do we define diversity, inclusion and equity within our sector? How do we turn attention to the nuances within each defined community so that diversity doesn’t become a commodity to be traded/box to be ticked, but rather a thoughtful way of working? How do individual champions affect positive change within organizations? What is the intersection of politics, funding and geography in the definitions of quality and relevance?


Saturday, January 30


Critical Response Dialogue – Djuki Mala (Chooky Dancers)

Facilitated by Shelley Quiala, VP of Arts Education and Community Engagement, Ordway Center of Performing Arts with members of Djuki Mala.

12:30 – 2:00pm - Soprano Room A

Critical Response Process (CRP) is a feedback system created by Liz Lerman and John Borstel from Dance Exchange (USA). Originally created as a facilitation process for informing work in progress, Critical Response allows responders to pay close attention to a particular piece of art, text or a performance. Through the guidance of a facilitator, a group responds to five questions that create an environment in which judgment is deferred and participants reflect on their personal reactions to a work’s intent.


Each participant has room to grow, connect, question, and draw meaningful insights from the work. Collectively, the community benefits from the whole, with meaning-making occurring through the sharing of all participants' insights.


Join trained CRP facilitator Shelley Quiala in exploring the dance performance of Showcasing artists Djuki Mala (Chooky Dancers).


Future Play – PRESENTATION with Q&A

Presented by David Harradine, Artistic Director, Fevered Sleep (UK).

12:30 – 2:00pm - Soprano Room B

David Harradine, co Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep, reflects on the company’s approach to touring, through which a tour is reimagined as a series of bespoke local engagements rather than a national event.  David will consider how audience diversity and specificity impacts touring.  He’ll share findings from Future Play, a 4-year research project exploring the context for the creation, presentation and touring of ambitious performance for children in the UK, and reflect on Men & Girls Dance, a touring dance piece that's recreated with new performers in each place where it’s performed.


Through Future Play, Fevered Sleep toured three productions, collaborated with ten partner venues and gathered feedback from over 8,000 audience members across the UK to explore the effect of context on the impact of touring productions in host communities and the dynamic relationship between artist, presenter and audience.


Future Play is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council England.


Viewpoints Workshop – A Physical Theatre Training on Awareness, Presence & Self-Understanding

Facilitated by Erwin Maas

12:30 – 2:00pm - Soprano Room C

“Every culture has its origins in hybridization, interaction, confrontation. In isolation, by contrast, civilization dies out. The experience of the other is the secret to change.”

- Octavio Paz (Essays about Art & Culture)


Via physical exercises and improvisations, the Viewpoints create a greater awareness, alertness and connection to individual impulses of body, voice, space and time through which a more powerful conveyance of story / feeling / image / music / etc. can develop. Discover how this vocabulary and simple practices are applicable to all different art forms and transcend demographics. They offer a strong presence and convincing presentation both in the arts as well as outside of it. These theatre exercises, improvisations and focus points will explore physical awareness, group dynamics and provide a platform for working with individuals from differing backgrounds and diverse art practices.

• Due to the physical nature of this workshop and venue logistics, this event has a limited capacity. Participants should wear comfortable clothes they can move in.


Participants will grow in their understanding of themselves in relation to their environment and through guided practice in a well-respected theater composition technique.



Facilitated by MK Barley Jenkins, General Manager, Adventure Stage Chicago

2:00 – 3:00pm – Inspiration Room, Hyatt Hotel

A chance to reflect on Showcase 2016 as well as an opportunity to look ahead.


IPAY aspires to evolve outside of the event of Showcase in order to continue conversations, to fuel discussion and development and to further support the field. IPAY also recognizes a need for professional development opportunities beyond the scope of current Kindling framework. This is an opportunity to discuss what you value about Showcase, to name your professional development needs and to inform IPAY’s efforts to evolve, develop and grow.


Kindling Supplemental Materials

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Supplemental Materials Provided by 2016 Kindling Guest Artists and Facilitators
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Long Table Etiquette PDF (69.58 KB) Administration 3/29/2016
Critical Response Process Handout PDF (63.82 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Djuki Mala Critical Response Session Notes PDF (110.12 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Creative Case for Diversity: Handout & Resources PDF (111.94 KB) Administration 3/29/2016
Nike Jonah's Presentation on The Creative Case PPTX (113.68 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Hassan Mahamdallie on New Approaches to Diversity PDF (842.47 KB) Administration 3/27/2016
Diversity and Adaptive Resilience PDF (317 KB) Administration 3/29/2016
PAIPAM: Pan-African Interdisciplinary Market PPTX (0 bytes) Administration 3/27/2016
Henrik Kohler's IAN Model Presentation PDF (4.66 MB) Administration 3/30/2016
Kindling Program Description 2016 PDF (152.16 KB) Administration 12/22/2015
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